About The Dank

Lightning In A Bottle 2016

The Dank is an Americana, Tex-Mex, Blues, and Rock ‘N’ Roll band based in Los Angeles, CA. Their energetic shows and eclectic recordings feature bilingual lyrics in English and Spanish.

Formed in 2014 by Texas-natives David Monnich (Bass, Guitar, Vocals) and Jimi Morales (Keyboards, Vocals), The Dank have since performed throughout the pacific coast of the United States and Mexico, including stops at Lightning In A Bottle Festival (Bradley, CA), Desertica Festival (Mexicali, MX), the Instituto Cultural De Baja California (Tijuana, MX), Día De Muertos Festival (Mexicali, MX), Zentrro Underground (Guadalajara, MX), Fiestas Patrias (Los Angeles), and Fiesta Broadway (Los Angeles). In September 2015, the band was honored by Los Angeles city council member Jose Huizar for their contributions and commitment to the culture of Los Angeles. In April 2017, The Dank produced a benefit concert in Tijuana, MX called Border Aid, which raised funds for la Casa Del Migrante.

The Dank’s newest release, their self-titled debut album, was released on December 1, 2017 and is the result of David Monnich and Jimi Morales’ experiences living and traveling in the southwestern and pacific coast regions of the United States as well as Mexico over the past five years. The songs tell stories of communal feasts, homelessness, homesickness, narcotraficantes, treachery, and Texas rangers. The album’s first single, “Texas,” mixes gypsy punk with cumbia and salsa influences and is about the feeling of missing one’s homeland. “Guadalajara”, the album’s second single, fuses psychedelic blues-rock with a bolero rhythm and tells the story of the band’s ill-fated trip to Guadalajara, Mexico in the summer of 2014. The Dank also kicks off with a Spanish language single, “Lupita”, which takes on a Mexican corrido song form and also includes honky tonk musical flavors.

The Dank enlisted a group of well-established, Los Angeles-based guest artists to help record the album. These include Daniel French, Hector Flores, and Leah Gallegos of Las Cafeteras; singer-songwriter Nancy Sanchez; David Aquino and Crisia Regalado of Sin Color; Larry Harvey of Buyepongo; Elliott Baribeault of Bolillo y Su Conjunto; saxophonist & clarinetist Greg Marino; saxophonist Max Kim; sitarist Evan Hatfield; keyboardist Isai Hirales; percussionists Dan Ogrodnik and Jose Santana; violinist Manoela Wunder; and guitarists Oliver Jenkins and Joe Montoya. Producer Eugene Toale also performs saxophone and melodica on the album.

Featuring collaborators from Los Angeles and Tijuana, MX, The Dank released the 420 Special EP on April 20th, 2015. The four songs were recorded in el Valle De Guadalupe, MX and were mixed and mastered in Bedrock Studios by Eugene Toale (credits include work with Las Cafeteras, Pi Jacobs, Viento Callejero, and Kanye West).

The Dank (self-titled album) and the 420 Special EP are available on all digital formats.